Recent Changes to the Lunch Program!

Fresh local veggiesAfter our two-week lunch survey, The LunchMaster incorporated some immediate improvements to the lunch program at Bacich and Kent. Fresh produce is no longer packaged as individual portions, but offered from a fruit and vegetable cart that volunteers fill each lunch day with seasonal offerings. The self-service style cart is a big hit with all the kids! As many as eight different fruits and vegetables are offered each day, such as kiwi, plums, baby tomatoes, jicama, watermelon, honeydew, carrots, edamame, oranges, and cucumbers.
Fruit cart
Any hand-held meal like hamburgers and burritos are now individually wrapped in paper-lined foil to reduce condensation and preserve taste. And meals are now delivered to both schools closer to meal time in another effort to preserve the made-from-scratch taste. The LunchMaster tweaks recipes to maximize flavor and appeal to our kids on a daily basis, and is always open to suggestions to improve the program. Stay tuned for taste-testing and lunch credits from The LunchMaster in May!
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Contact: Lauren Cargill, VP Lunch.
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