Past Grant Awards

In 2015-2016, the KSPTA Grant Program funded these Grant Awards.

In 2014-15, the KSPTA Grant Program provided the following books, materials, training, and equipment for Kent and Bacich schools:

  • Kindergarten math tiles & magnetic letter sets
  • First grade fairy tale books for the Bacich library
  • 12 iPad minis & cases for third grade
  • Kanex ATV Pro Adapters for third grade
  • Social Issues books for third grade
  • Character Counts books for the Bacich library
  • Community Character “book club” books for Bacich
  • Nonfiction “Maker’s Movement Books for the Bacich library (1st-4th)
  • Nonfiction beginner level science books for the Bacich library (K-3rd)
  • Nonfiction science books & DVDs for the Bacich library (1st-4th)
  • Game room update for Bacich
  • Kimochi’s “Feelings” bags for Bacich
  • “Read Live” subscription for Bacich & Kent
  • Animal & Plant Cell Models for 7th Grade Science
  • Short throw projector for portable Room 37 (Kent)
  • World globe for the Kent library
  • Color printer for the Kent office
  • High jump landing pit system for Kent
  • Newsela Online school-wide subscription for Kent
  • Kent Student “Community Heroes” garden & chickens
In 2013-14, the Grant Committee received and reviewed 20 proposals and the KSPTA Grant program awarded nearly $28,000 for the following:

-Reading rug for Bacich library -4th gr Math VersaTiles
-K-5 iPad Headphones w/mics -Bacich Teacher iPad Pilot program
-TK Movement & Music class -Kent Library Literature Classics
-TK & K Handwriting Materials -TV Screens for Kent PE locker rooms
-1st gr Math Work Stations -Sound system for 3 Kent portables
-K-2 Books for Beginning Readers -Projector & screen for Kent portable, room 35
-2nd-4th Biography Books -Kent Math Graphing Calculators
-3rd gr Schoolhouse Math Lab: 3 sets -8th gr Memoir Unit books
-3rd gr Language Arts VersaTiles


Grants awarded at the April 1, 2013 KSPTA meeting:

  • Kindergarten letters and numbers CDs
  • 1st & 2nd Grade place value strips – Math
  • 2nd Grade Language Arts Versa Tiles
  • 5th Grade Lego Mindstorm Robotics set
  • 5th Grade History Alive textbooks (used & new)
  • Kent Spanish verb reference books
  • Bacich Academic vocabulary books & games
  • 4th Grade “Life of the Coast Nations” books
  • Resource – Bacich “Language!” reading program
  • Kent Centennial Mosaic materials
  • 1st Grade Writing Center materials
  • K-5 CA Core Workshop Materials – Professional Development
  • 3rd Grade “DynaMath” Math Magazine subscription
  • Kent Garden Restoration

Grants awarded at the November 5, 2012 KSPTA meeting:

  • Kindergarten, 3rd grade Math and 4th gr Math Versa Tiles
  • 1st gr Math literature, manipulatives, DVDs & CDs
  • Bacich Learning Center Reading & Math games
  • Bacich Social Skills book/CD set
  • Bacich “Education City” Language Arts and Math software, 3 yr subscription
  • K-4 computer Headphones & Splitters
  • 5th gr FOSS Science Kits
  • 5th gr Lego Mindstorm Robotics set
  • 6th-7th Math White Boards
  • Kent Library Mouse Pads & Document holders
  • 8th gr Lang Arts Computer Speakers
  • 8th gr Lang Arts Camera
  • 8th gr Yearbook (& History) color printer
  • 7th & 8th gr 10 Chromebooks
  • 5th gr & Kent Learning Center – iPads (PILOT program)
  • Bacich Library Newbery, Award & Honor books
  • Bacich PE Parachute
  • K-1st Protective Cases for iPads
  • Kent Garden Restoration
  • K-2 Unit Study library books
  • Bacich Library Classic book replacement
  • Bacich & Kent ELD iPads

Below is a list of the Grants funded at the November 7th, 2011 PTA Meeting:

  • VersaTiles for Language Arts and Math – Bacich 1st Grade
  • Books and A/V Materials for the Bacich Library
  • Six Docu-Cams for the Kindergarten class rooms – Bacich
  • Cassette Players/Book sets for EL students – Bacich
  • Books on CD for Reader’s Workshop – Bacich
  • Earobics Reading intervention program – Bacich
  • Garden Restoration at Kent creating an edible garden model – Kent
  • Headphones for every classroom, laptop cart and computer in the library – Kent
  • Classroom Materials for Science – Kent
  • New and Replacement Books for 7th grade Language Arts – Kent
  • Library Books to support the Character Counts/Bullying Program – Bacich
  • Percussion Instruments for the Kent Band Program – Kent
  • Color printer for the Bacich library – Bacich
  • Microphones for the Tech class – Kent
  • Start to Finish Computer Books – Kent
  • eInstruction/Student Response System hardware and software – Kent
  • Solution Team Training – Bacich and Kent

Below is a list of the items that were funded at the February 7, 2011 PTA Meeting:

  1. Alternative Classroom Seating – Kent Spanish
  2. Raised Garden Beds – Kent
  3. Geometry Manipulatives – Bacich 3rd Grade
  4. Printed Reference Materials – Kent Library
  5. EBSCO Database Access – Kent
  6. VersaTiles for Language Arts and Math – Bacich 1st Grade
  7. Gymnastics Instructor – Bacich PE
  8. Recycling Bins – Bacich & Kent

Below is a list of the items that were funded at the October 4, 2010 PTA Meeting:

  1. Bacich 2nd Grade Literacy Center Supplies
  2. Bacich 4th Grade Hands-On Math Games
  3. Bacich ELL Book/Cassette Sets
  4. Kent Architecture Program – 30 Steel Rules
  5. Kent Drama Club Directional Dish Microphone
  6. Kent Music Program Sheet Music
  7. Bacich Performing Arts Assembly – Tales of Pacific Rim
  8. Kent -11 Document Cameras
  9. Kent Library Reference Books – Ebook Editions
  10. Kent Performing Arts Assembly – Chitresh Das Dance
  11. Bacich Learning Center – 10 Sets Earphones
  12. Bacich+Kent eInstruction system – 2 Hardware Systems
  13. PTA – Coordinator Binder Supplies
  14. Bacich Kindergarten – 15 weeks Young Imaginations Dance Classes
  15. Bacich K-4 – Leveled Reading Books
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