Ongoing Programs

Ongoing programs include:

  • Grants
    • Please click HERE for more information.
  • Parent Education
    • Please click HERE for more information.
  • Safe Routes to School
    • The Kentfield School District encourages all families to actively participate in the nationally-recognized KSD Safe Routes to School Program, a neighborhood-focused initiative to advocate green travel alternatives and address traffic safety at our schools. The goal of the program is to offer students safer & greener alternatives to get to & from school.  
    • Learn more.
  • Bacich Lunch Time Game Room
    • Parent volunteers supervise the Game Room from 12:15-1:15 p.m. Volunteers move the games cart from the Staff Lounge to an assigned room before 1st & 2nd grade lunch, and then to a second room before 3rd & 4th grade lunch. Your child will be invited to come to the Game Room with a friend on the days that you volunteer. At the end of lunch, the parent volunteer returns the games to the Staff Lounge and ensure that the classrooms are ready for students to return to class. Grades 1-4 only.
    • Commitment for the Game Room is once per month, or you may split the shift with a friend and volunteer once every two months.
    • Please contact Ina Gotlieb at if you have any questions. Thank you!
  • Kent Binder Hospital
  • Box Tops for Education – Want to earn FREE money for Bacich & Kent? Buy, Cut, Send…Get money for our schools…it’s that easy!
    • Last year our schools earned hundreds of dollars from Box Tops!
    • Thank you to everyone who helped with this effort.
    • Collection sites are located in each school office.
    • For information about the program, please see
    • Unfortunately, for those of you who shopped using the Box Tops Marketplace, that part of the program has been discontinued.
    • For more information, please contact Bacich coordinators Courtney Minisce
    • At Kent,  please contact Pere Wait
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
    • We have partnered with one of the best known and most trusted names in ecommerce to earn free money for our schools.  
    • All you have to do is click HERE, or on the Amazon banner and then any purchase you make on for the next 24 hours will earn a commission for our schools.
    • The commission is always a minimum of 4% and may go as high as 10%! It’s a win/win – you access Amazon via the banner located at the bottom, right-hand corner of the KSPTA homepage, and our schools earn money. Just remember – your “banner-click” only “lasts” 24 hours, so click back through for future Amazon purchases. Thank you for your support!
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