Kent Schoolwide Update

  Kent PTA Updates – May, 2014

Dear Kent Families,

Here is the latest news from your KSPTA, as of Monday’s General Meeting on 5/12/14:

  • Katheryn Baldwin, KSPTA President Elect for 2014-2015, provided the President’s Report for Karen Loebbaka who was unable to attend the meeting.  PTA highlights from this school year include:
    • 16,000 PTA volunteers hours provided by parents
    • $400,000 raised for PTA programs
    • Liz Schott elected as our new superintendent
    • 62,000 meals served to students at both Bacich and Kent by PTA volunteers
    • The first Candidate’s Night in over 6 years – hosted by the PTA
    • A new Executive PTA Board elected and assembled for 2014-2015
    • Kent staff members presented “What Happens on Wednesday Once our Kids Leave?”:
      • Heidi Longo, Kent Counselor, explained that this time is the heart of the counseling system.  Teachers and counselors use pre-guidance meetings to communicate with each other and to identify students who need more support.  Then in guidance meetings, a team of administrators, counselors, and specialists come up with an action plan.
      • Leslie Canin from the Science Department and Tim Lentini from the Math Department shared how grade level coordinators use Wednesdays for curriculum meetings.  Teachers work both horizontally, with other teachers in the same grade level, and vertically, within their department but with different grade levels, to brain-storm, assess students and discuss curriculum.  Teachers use this time to coordinate homework work loads, class events and other activities on the calendar as well.
      • Kent Principal, Skip Kniesche updated us on what’s been happening at Kent.  He thanked Denise Miller and Michelle Leopold who orchestrated Teacher Appreciation Week.  It was was filled with a taco truck, mariachi band, treats, decorations, thank you cards, a pinata and gifts!  Thank you as well to all the parents who volunteered or donated to make this week a success.  Another highlight this month was the Kent Centennial on May 3rd with the Maypole as the centerpiece.
      • Gail Hartka, KSPTA VP, Lunch Programs, explained that there will be some shifts in procedure at Kent next year in the hopes of making the serving process more efficient.  All lunch program volunteers will be offered a discount on their child’s lunch orders.  Finally, we continue to look into options for refreshing our menu offerings in the hopes of offering some gluten-free and dairy-free choices next.
      • Susana Perczek of our Parent Ed Committee presented the committee’s proposed (but not yet confirmed) speaker roster for the 2014-15 school year.  Speakers may include:
        • Emily Diehl on the book Mindset by Carol Dweck.  This book will be required summer reading for all Bacich teachers.
        • Emily Pilloton, author of Design Revolution, followed by a panel discussion with representatives from our schools on design and education.
        • Charis Dennison on Adolescents & Communication, focused on middle school students, but open to all parents.  Includes a panel of local teenagers.
        • Todd Sarner on Parenting Advice, geared towards parents of K-4th grade students.
        • Alfie Kohn on the Role of Competition in a Healthy Childhood.  Likely collaboration with other schools in our area.
        • Marci Sumski, chair of BLOOM, said the evening at Jason’s restaurant was a success.  A survey will be coming out shortly in order to gather feedback & come up with potential improvements for next year.   Final proceeds are being tabulated now. 


  • Wednesday 5/28 – Kent Volunteer Lunch, MP Room, 1:30 – 3:00 pm
  • Friday 6/6 – Last Day of Lunch Bar.
  • Ongoing – Amazon affiliate program.  When shopping online at Amazon, click through the link at & a portion of your purchase will be donated to the KSPTA.
  • Ongoing – Clip Boxtops for Education & bring them to the school office to earn money for Kent.
  • Ongoing – If you are a Facebook user, please “like” the Kentfield Schools PTA on Facebook – and tell your friends too!


  • HOURS – Please keep track of the number of hours that you volunteer throughout the year.  We will ask for your total in late May or early June.  KSPTA is obligated, as a non-profit organization, to record the number of volunteer hours that we contribute each school year.
  • STAFF FAVORITES – Please remember that the teacher favorites binder is now available online to make it easy for your family to show appreciation to our fabulous Bacich staff at any time.  Click here to see any staff member’s favorite beverage, color, lunch, and more!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me whenever I can be of assistance with your PTA-related questions about Kent.  Thank you for your support of the KSPTA!



Lissa Stephens


Kentfield Schools PTA – Vice-President, Kent, 2013-14

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