Good Eggs

How it works…

good-eggs-with-food1. Order your groceries at

2. For $15 of FREE groceries on your next order & automatic entry in the fundraiser for the rest of the fall, enter the code BACICH at checkout (10% of all sales that use the BACICH code go directly to KSPTA) 

3. Enjoy your delicious groceries & feel good knowing that you are supporting Bacich, Kent & KSPTA

More about Good Eggs:good-eggs-logo

Good Eggs is an online market that makes it easy for busy families to eat well at home by curating a marketplace full of the best local, organic produce, sustainable meat & fish, and delicious grocery staples. Order your groceries today on the site or iOS app, and they’ll be on your doorstep tomorrow. It’s that simple.

Extra fun facts about Good Eggs:

  • Convenient: Good Eggs delivers 7 days a week to your home. Order by midnight and have them at your door the next day!
  • Competitive Pricing: We beat or match prices on all products that we carry in common with typical grocery stores.
  • Amazing Assortment: We have everything you need! Beyond amazing, farmers’ market quality produce we also carry everything you could find at a typical grocery store to stock your fridge, pantry and plate.

Questions? Please contact Bree Eaton,

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