Ordering Information

Good Earth Lunch Orders 

Hot and lunch entrees are provided by Good Earth for grades 1-8 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Pizza will be provided by Stefano’s Pizzeria on Friday and can be ordered through the Good Earth website. Please click HERE to learn more about Good Earth’s ordering.  Jamba Juice snacks at Bacich and Kent are also available and ordering will take place twice a year.

Free and Reduced Lunch Scholarship Applications are available HERE or in Bacich and Kent school offices.

Jamba Juice Orders 

Lunch Snacks from Jamba Juice may be pre-ordered ordered twice a year. You can order online or through paper forms. Bacich forms are located here  and Kent forms are located here. Lunch snacks are offered to supplement your child’s meal and are not intended to constitute or replace a full, well-balanced meal.





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