KSPTA Book Fair: November 14th-16th

The KSPTA Book Fair will be held November 14th through 18th in the Bacich Community Center & Kent Middle School. Books for kids & adults of all ages will be available for sale, along with games & novelties. A portion of all sales goes to the KSPTA to help fund programs such as art, music, technology, PE, library, grants, teacher stipends & more! Complimentary gift wrapping available.

Want to Volunteer at the Book Fair?   Sign Up Here! book-fair-volunteers


  • MONDAY 11/14                 12pm-5pm
  • TUESDAY 11/15                  8-10am; 11:30am-4:30pm
  • WEDNESDAY 11/16            8-10am; 11:30am-4:30pm
  • THURSDAY 11/17               8-10am; 11:30am-7pm
  • FRIDAY 11/18                     8-10am; 11:30am-4:30pm

BOOK FAIR Hours at Kent:       Kent Book Order Form

  • MONDAY 11/14                11:55am-1pm
  • TUESDAY 11/15                12:30-1:45pm
  • WEDNESDAY 11/16          1-2:15pm
  • THURSDAY 11/17             12:30-1:45pm
  • FRIDAY 11/18                    11:55am-1pm


Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 9:21-11:07am – Henry H. Neff @ Kenthenry-h-neff-books-inc-laurel-village

also-an-octopusFriday, Oct. 28th – Maggie Tokuda-Hall @ Bacichmaggie-tokuda-hall


Friday, Nov. 4th – Alexis Fajardo @ Bacichalexis-fajado

Learn more about Alexis (Lex) Fajardo…

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